Monday, March 14, 2016

TOG II PDF Instructions

I built the TOG II around 2 years ago, this model was an attempt at the odd British superheavy prototype vehicle known as the TOG II.
The name stands for The Old Gang, these were committee of developers that designed World War I era vehicles. This vehicle was based on the old concepts of the need of a large vehicle to cross trenches, like in World War I trench warfare. In the past couple weeks I was contacted by a Youtube subscriber of mine that had recreated my TOG II in a LDD format, based off of the step by step photographic instructions of the original model. I converted the LDD model to Ldraw and fixed some of the color errors for the model to be entirely tan. Then PDF instructions were created in Lpub3d. This model My model is packed with power functions components, but still features some extra room below the turret for cables. Because of this I was unable to incorporate turret traverse or gun elevation/depression. A micro motor and Sbrick would allow the addition of turret traverse and possibly gun elevation into the model. The performance isn't anything too impressive, the model would be improved if it didn't use gears for the road wheels, this would dampen the motion of the tracks on the ground, I did attempt other solutions to this problem, but there was issues with the model walking its tracks off.

Instructions on Rebrickable

Video of the original model

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