About me

A Lego enthusiast with an interest in armored fighting vehicles. My main goal is to replicate the functionality of these vehicles while retaining the historically accurate exterior appearance. I primarily build vehicles from the second World War, as this era includes a wide range of complexly engineered and uniquely designed vehicles, though occasionally I will occasionally make other models that are interesting in appearance or mechanical design.

Home state: Minnesota, USA
Occupation: Currently a student in college with a chemistry major
Other hobbies: Cycling, building/painting 1/35th scale models of armored vehicles, photography, and playing music on either clarinet or piano.


  1. Hi Tommy, I'm looking for a Lego designer to realize small batches of "ready to use"-sets of poupular military MOCs. Your models are absolutely awsome. Maybe it would be possible to use somem of them. Please contact me at peterwila76@gmail.com if you are interested to earn some money with your outstanding designs. It would be great to get a response from you. Best regards Peter

    1. I don't think I will be able to take up your offer, as I am currently at college, and it is very difficult for me to find time to design models, and logistically creating sets is a rather time intensive and expensive venture.

  2. Hello Tommy,
    I like very much your tanks and I would like to know if you could make inside detailed in your tank to be able to put it minifig because I almost finished redoing your Renault ft and I shall like a German tank in front of him. That of the Renault ft was really very well made and being French and fascinated I can tell you that he(it) is just magnificent.
    Thank you in advance Mathéo